by Bushra

Welcome to BiblioBushra!

As the name would suggest, this blog is about books and about me. Who am I?

I’m Bushra, mum to two boys and avid reader who lost her book mojo for nearly a decade to work, marriage and children and to something slightly less conventional – social media. With a childhood filled with books, trips to the library, reading encyclopaedias and sides of cereal boxes informing me of thiamin content, I grew up around books and reading which I wholly attribute to my mum’s 20 year career as a librarian. But with the advent of Facebook in the mid-2000s, I wasted many hours, weeks, months and years to social media. Thankfully, I didn’t undergo anything that should warrant concern, but with growing responsibilities, I occasionally felt my mind becoming overwhelmed by social media and too much information, misinformation, likes, retweets, shares and so on. Cognitive engagement with books had become practically nonexistent.

In late 2018, I read a book and had an epiphany – I missed reading and wanted to rediscover my childhood love for books. I also found it an amazing respite from social media and the stresses of life in general. While it’s been a slow start since then, I’ve managed to work my way upto more than zero in 2019. As studies around the benefits of reading books on survival rates emerge alongside the impact of social media use, I have made it a mission in my life to read more, whenever and wherever I can. In addition to this, I hope that those reading my blog will want to get off their phones and crack open a book.

As an aside, I hold strong opinions on the books I read, particularly when it comes to Harry Potter. As someone who spent her teens enduring the agonising wait for the release of each book, I am profoundly attached to the series and try to find ways to convince my husband to decorate our home with Harry Potter memorabilia. So far, no luck.

Essentially, that’s all there is to it.