September Wrap-Up

by Bushra

Hi, book community! How did your September reading go? Where I normally finish around 3-4 books in a month, I finished two owing to the fact that the first two weeks were incredibly busy with the start of school and building work starting in the house. I don’t think I read a page until the 10th.

Here are the two books I read:

1. Where The Edge Is – Gráinne Murphy

A sleepy town in Cork, Ireland, awakes to the news of a bus trapped in a sunken road with five passengers inside. As rescue teams rush to the scene, the bus sinks even deeper after two are saved.

The story revolves around several narratives including journalist Nina, rescue liaison Tim, and survivors Richie and Alina, while Ireland waits with bated breath to see what happens next.

Read my review of it here.

2. The Organised Time Technique – Gemma Bray

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (you can do so here), you’ll know that I’m a massive fan of The Organised Mum whose home management technique has changed the lives of thousands of people leading different types of lifestyles and attest to the revelatory nature of the method. Having previously published her method in The Organised Mum Method (or TOMM!), she has now released her second book that will put your time through the wringer and help you manage your life far more efficiently than before.

As the construction work hasn’t finished in my house, I’m yet to try out the technique but the initial results from other TOMMers coming through call it amazing. I can’t wait to try it out myself and post a review soon!

I’d love to know what your September reading was like. Comment below!

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